Which Dual Laminate Pipe Solution is Right for You?

Pipes are used to transport a variety of materials, from oxygen to petroleum. The amount of materials used to fabricate pipe is almost as large as the variety of materials transported using pipe. Many applications require more advanced and non-traditional materials.

Because of its light weight, durability, and versatility, dual laminate fiberglass is frequently the preferred solution for pipe material. Dual laminate piping is constructed of an outer fiberglass layer and an inner thermoplastic or fluoropolymer layer known as a dual laminate liner. The versatility of dual laminate fiberglass can be designed based on the end user requirements:

    • PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most widely used options for dual laminate liners. In fact, about half the PVC produced in the world is used in piping applications such as water treatment that do not involve harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.
    • CPVC, or post-chlorinated PVC, is known for its resistance to a number of acids, bases, salts, and hydrocarbons. This is perfect for solutions where ordinary PVC may be unsuitable due to harsh chemical corrosion.
    • PVDF, or polyvinylidene flouride, is the go-to laminate lining material for applications where chemical resistance is a top priority. Chemical producers and extraction companies rely on this material for situations when the contents of the pipe, such as solvents and aromatics, are the biggest threat to its structural integrity.
The versatility of dual laminate piping provides the ability to engineer and design solutions for each application. With the right raw materials and fabrication, a pipe can be engineered to withstand even the toughest combinations of heat and corrosion. From basic PVC to highly resistant fluorinated plastics, dual laminate liners ensure that fiberglass piping can be used cost effectively, safely, and efficiently in almost any application.

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