Tanks – Fiberglass

fiberglass tanks

With over 60 years’ experience, Enduro combines engineering and chemical expertise to provide our Vesca™ brand of fiberglass tanks with cost-efficiency and extreme corrosion resistance. Our manufacturing capabilities include replacement and new construction fiberglass (FRP/GRP) tanks including:

  • Chemical processing tanks
  • Scrubbers
  • Vessels
  • Seal pots
  • Stacks
  • Tank internals in FRP, Fluoropolymer or thermoplastic

Each of Enduro Vesca’s fiberglass tanks exhibit superior corrosion resistance and can be manufactured for high purity applications. When welding is required, we utilize superior welding techniques which allow for a minimum number of welds. Using only certified welders, we capitalize on the strength of the fusion methods as opposed to hand welding with hot air and filler rods. Producing welds equal in strength to the original material enables thermoforming of dished heads and flat bottoms (with knuckle radii) in one piece.

Enduro can manufacture straight fiberglass tanks or dual laminate tanks to a wide variety plant specifications. We are also available to install fiberglass tanks at most plant locations or we can offer supervision on site to allow the use of plant maintenance or construction personnel.

Please contact us or download the Enduro Vesca™ Pipe & Tank Brochure to learn more about Enduro Vesca™ fiberglass tanks.