Tanks – Dual Laminate

dual laminate tanks

Enduro has manufactured and installed our Vesca™ brand of dual laminate tanks and vessels for over 60 years for world-leading chemical companies such as Dow Chemical. With superior corrosion resistance, Enduro can manufacture straight fiberglass tanks or dual laminate tanks to a wide variety plant specifications.

What is Dual Laminate?

Dual laminate is a hybrid system made of specialized thermoplastic liner inside and fiberglass (FRP/GRP) structure outside. The thermoplastic liner can be matched to specific chemical requirements, which provides long life and the ability to withstand abrasion and high temperatures.

what is dual laminate

With a number of liners to choose from, please contact us to speak with an expert about which liner would work best for your Vesca™ dual laminate tank. Please review the below diagram for the continuous service temperature and chemical resistance in common liners that are used.

liners for dual laminate

Why Choose Enduro Vesca™ Dual Laminate Tanks / Vessels?

Enduro has developed a proprietary bonding process which fully contact-bonds the laminates to reduce failure related to vacuum and differential coefficients of thermal expansion. This bonding process proves all other dual laminate manufacturing as old technology. With Enduro Vesca™ dual laminate tanks, typical modes of failure to not occur due to this proprietary process.

In addition, for mechanical strength, Enduro Vesca™ dual laminate tanks and vessels are manufactured with a fiberglass (FRP/GRP) composite matrix exterior. The corrosion resistant thermoplastic interior offers exceptional service against dangerous and hazardous chemistry. It offers superior resistance to leaching agents, chemical attack as well as high purity process capabilities.

Please contact us or download the Enduro Vesca™ Pipe & Tank Brochure to learn more about our dual laminate tanks.