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chemical storage tanks

Enduro manufacturers straight or dual laminate round and cylindrical chemical storage tanks, vessels and scrubbers under our Vesca™ brand. Our chemical tanks can be designed for above or below ground applications. With over 60 years of expertise in the construction of fiberglass tanks, we can ship a completed storage tank to the field for installation or we can fabricate large diameter tank components in sections and sized for shipment to the job site. Our highly qualified field crews are then dispatched and can quickly assemble the components to form the completed chemical storage tank. Enduro can transport in sections or a complete tank via truck or barge.

We offer many different chemical storage tank modifications from small to larger diameter sizes. We can also provide specialized designs and construction wherever required and add whatever external hardware best suits your application.

Enduro Vesca™ chemical storage tanks and vessels are quality engineered, designed, and built to your exact service conditions. When coupled with our Enduro Vesca™ straight or dual laminate piping system, you are assured of a long lasting, process solution system. Our chemical storage tanks are built to meet or exceed the following standards:


    • ASTM D4097 (hand lay-up custom contact molded equipment)
    • ASTM D3299 (filament wound fabrication)
    • ASME Section X

To learn more about our Vesca™ chemical storage tanks, please contact us or download the Enduro Vesca™ Chemical Storage Tank Data Sheet.

Download Enduro Chemical Storage Tanks Data Sheet

Enduro Vesca™ Chemical Storage Tank Features:

    • Corrosion resistant
    • Lightweight
    • Strong & durable
    • Economically competitive
    • Field erection capability
    • UV light stabilized
    • Long service life under harsh conditions
    • Multiple options and fittings available

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