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Enduro’s Vesca™ brand of pipe and tank products has successfully serviced the chemical management industry along the Gulf Coast for over 60 years since its introduction in 1954. Combining our engineering and chemical expertise, we provide fiberglass (FRP/GRP) pipe and tank products that are cost competitive and able to withstand applications in the most corrosive environments.

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The hazardous chemistry used in the chemical management industry has always demanded the need for corrosion resistant materials. Enduro Vesca™ pipe and tank products can be custom designed to resist degradation from over 1,000 chemicals and from -40°F to 300°F. Not only is Enduro Vesca™ fiberglass (FRP/GRP) pipe stronger than steel, it’s light in weight for easier shipping and fabrication. For example, a 20′ pipe spool of 6″ fiberglass pipe weighs in at approximately 60lbs, which 1 or 2 men can safely move. While a 20′ pipe spool of 6″ lined or metal pipe weighs approximately 240lbs, requiring a machine for transportation. This low weight and ease of installation means less downtime and no lost production.

The complete Enduro Vesca™ pipe and tank product line is designed to meet or exceed various pressure ratings and industry accepted standards such as: ASTM 2996, NBS PS15.69, as well as European Standards. In addition, Enduro Vesca™ fiberglass pipe and tank products pose no risk to personnel from exposed metal or leaks.

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