Concrete Coatings

concrete coatings

Concrete coatings protect new concrete or repairs damaged concrete caused by leaks, spills, and other chemical related problems. Enduro supplies and installs reinforced and non-reinforced concrete toppings, coatings, or linings.

Our field service personnel provide site inspection and need assessment to offer a solution for floors, walls, dikes, sumps, pits, trenches, drains, manholes, pump bases and more. We use premium grade resins geared specifically for your applications. We can work with you to specify which resin system would be best suited for your application or design a system based on your own recommendations and specifications. Please contact us to schedule your concrete coatings field service.

Concrete Coating Uses

    • Protect concrete from harsh chemicals
    • Protect concrete from leaks and spills
    • Repair or restore damaged concrete

Enduro Concrete Coating Features

    • Long lasting protection
    • Premium grade resin
    • Non-skid surfaces available