oil-gas OIL & GAS
Enduro’s presence in the oil and gas industry is strong, providing installations both domestically and internationally with projects as far reaching as China and the Middle East.

> Anadarko Case Study
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chemical-petrochemical CHEMICAL & PETROCHEMICAL
Enduro has been supplying solutions for the harsh corrosive environments of the chemical industry since 1954.

> Chlor-Alkali Case Study

water-wastewater WATER & WASTEWATER
Enduro provides turnkey solutions through custom design, engineering, and a wide breadth of water and wastewater product solutions.

> Gasketed XL6 Tank Cover
> Structural Baffle Walls & Partition Walls

mining-minerals MINING & MINERALS
Enduro offers an unmatched performance in several of the largest aluminum, zinc, and fertilizer plants in the world, most notably projects in Mexico, Chile, and Peru.

> Building Products

pulp-paper PULP & PAPER
Enduro’s multiple product lines have performed exceedingly well in several pulp & paper mills around the world.

> Building Products
> Tuff Span FAQ

metal-processing METAL PROCESSING
Enduro’s case line of fiberglass products include the preferred brand of corrosion resistant FRP panels used in metal processing facilities throughout the world.

> Sadara Case Study
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food-processing FOOD PROCESSING
Installations include hundreds of major projects such as corn processing plants, fructose plants and sucrose plants throughout North and South America.

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> Tuff Span FAQ

mass-transit MASS TRANSIT
Enduro provides several products for the mass transit market including third rail cover board.

> Electrical Products
> Mass Transit One-Sheet

agriculture AGRICULTURE
Providing outstanding service and life cycle cost savings, Enduro FRP building panels do not corrode in agricultural buildings with animal by-products, ag-chemicals, or wet conditions.

> FRP Agricultural Building Panels
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cooling-tower COOLING TOWER
With superior strength and corrosion resistance, DuroSpan casing panels from Enduro Composites offer longer service life and span capability when compared to alternatives.

> Cooling Tower Panels
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