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Enduro Vesca Plastics Gains ASME RTP-1 Certification for Tank Products

Enduro Vesca Plastics received ASME RTP-1 certification on tank products August 29,2018. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) established the RTP-1 standards for fiberglass reinforced polymer vessels in 1989. The certification is one of the most rigorous to obtain and hold as a FRP fabricator. The established rules for RTP-1 certification are for construction materials, vessel design, fabrication details and quality assurance. Enduro Vesca Plastic is now ASME RTP-1 and ISO 9001 certified.  Since 1954, Enduro Vesca Plastics, based in Houston, TX, manufactures tank and pipe solutions for use in harsh, corrosive…Read more

Another Milestone for Tuff Span Panels! CAN/ULC S-134 Fire Test

A Tuff Span wall assembly has passed CAN/ULCS-134 Full-Scale Exterior Wall Fire Test, which is the Canadian Test comparable to NFPA 285. The wall assembly complies with Section of NBC 2010 and as a result, over 250,000 SF of panels were installed at a Potash process building. The Tuff Span wall assembly, which is also FM approved, is the first FRP profiled building panel to pass this test.  Read more

Enduro Expands with Fourth Facility

Enduro is thrilled to announce the opening of our fourth facility. Located in Pearland, TX, a suburb of Houston, TX, the 75,000 square foot production facility, warehouse, and office will focus on providing fiberglass composite (FRP/GRP) process equipment solutions for a broad array of industrial and infrastructure markets. New facility will feature: On-going 24 hour field service support Increased nonmetallic solutions including industrial and oil field tanks Optimized production for customers and employees 10-Ton Overhead Bridge Cranes to facilitate fabrication 6 turning stations to expedite hand lay-up methods Vessel winding capabilities An enhanced layout, providing…Read more
Conquering Corrosion with Composites

Conquering Corrosion with Composites

The World Corrosion Organization estimates global annual corrosion damage at $2.2-trillion USD, more than three percent of global GDP. Corrosion is a silent but very real enemy that eats away at productivity and profitability. Fortunately, there is a material available that offers real and measurable corrosion resistance: fiberglass-reinforced composites. The corrosion resistance of FRP is a solution with proven data behind it. As an example, mining and related industries contend with elements that make for highly corrosive environments. The wide use of grinding materials, the presence of oxygen and water, large pH ranges, and microorganisms all add to the challenge…Read more
Why Choose Fiberglass Composites?

Why Choose Fiberglass Composites?

Invented in the 1930s, initially developed for military uses in WWII and gaining more widespread use in the 1950s, fiberglass composites have become a staple in the modern world. Naturally, there have been many advances in fiberglass composites over these years and its use has spread to many industries. But what exactly is a fiberglass composite and why would I chose to use it? Generally speaking, fiberglass (FRP/GRP) composites offer several advantages over more traditional materials, such as wood, steel or concrete. These advantages include: Cost effective - especially for complex shapes Corrosion resistant Good…Read more