Answers to Your Tuff Span Building Panel Questions

Ever wonder how FRP panels stack up against traditional materials? What about protection against the sun? Which Tuff Span™ panels are walkable? Below are some of the most frequent questions we receive about Enduro’s Tuff Span™ fiberglass building panels.  

Q: Are Tuff Span™ building panels the strongest FRP material?
A: Yes, based on equal product weight comparisons.

    • For higher strength and stiffness, Tuff Span™ FRP panels typically have 15-20% more reinforcing content than woven and 40% more than chopped strand materials.
    • The straight, continuous, bi-directional alignment utilized in Tuff Span™ is the most efficient means for load transfer as compared to randomly dispersed chopped fibers or bent, woven fibers.

Q: Are Tuff Span™ FRP roofing panels safe for foot traffic?
A: Yes, depending on the Tuff Span™ panel selected and the span distance between supports.

    • Heavier and stronger, Tuff Span™ panels such as Series 450 and 400 roofing and Tuff Span™ deck panels are safe for foot traffic
    • Enduro sales engineers should be consulted for foot-traffic safety guidelines.

Q: Are Tuff Span™ translucent panels as strong as Tuff Span™ opaque materials?
A: Yes, for the same Tuff Span™ panel profile and series.

Q: What fire protection classifications apply to Tuff Span™?
A: Tuff Span™ panels have FM and UL Classifications for fire protection.

    • FM Global Standard 4880: Tuff Span™ cladding panels have FM Class 1 rating for unlimited heights and without automatic sprinkler requirements.
    • UL/ULC Flame Spread Rating: Class 1 flame spread and smoke development per ASTM E 84.
    • ULC S134: Tuff Span™ FM panels have been tested and certified for this testing.
    • Other fire protection testing and certifications for Tuff Span™ panels include ASTM E108, ASTM D-635, and others.

Q: Does Tuff Span™ offer better UV protection than alternative FRP materials?
A: Yes, Tuff Span™ has additional means of UV protection.

    • Tuff Span™ includes an optimum amount of UV inhibitors and stabilizers within the material.
    • For extended color retention, Tuff Span™ exterior cladding has a factory-applied, acrylic polymer surface coating.

Q: What is the expected service life for Tuff Span™?
A: Tuff Span service life has exceeded 25 years in conditions that include hurricane winds and aggressive chemical exposure.

Q: What is the recommended deflection limit for a FRP panel?
A: Up to L/180 as the project budget allows.

    • Tighter and more conservative, deflection limits result in a more rigid and weather-tight structure.
    • For cladding panels, L/60 is the maximum allowable deflection by the International Building Code.

Q: What does the Tuff Span™ family of FRP building products include?
A: Structural shapes, louvers, ridge vents, gutter, roof deck, form deck, flashings, accessories, in addition to roofing and siding.

To learn more about our Tuff Span™ fiberglass building products, please download the Enduro Tuff Span Building Products Catalog or contact your rep.

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