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A leader in nonmetallic reinforced composite solutions, Enduro offers careers with excellent stability, growth opportunity, benefits packages, and a positive work environment.

If you are interested in working for Enduro Composites, please send your cover letter and resume to:

Joy Maxwell

FRP and Concrete Coatings Crafts-Persons

Enduro, a leader in Fiberglass Reinforced Products (FRP) Dual Laminate and repair as well as Environmental Concrete Coatings protective services, is seeking crafts-persons to join the Field Services Group at our Freeport facility, located at 1914 N. Brazosport Blvd., Freeport, TX.

In order to contribute to the continued growth of the Company, the ideal candidates must possess leadership experience, working in a plant environment in the area of FRP repair and/or in the Concrete Coatings process. Employees will be required to travel occasionally as well as satisfy background and drug testing requirements.

To be considered for the Enduro team, please email your resume. A solid compensation program with full benefits will be offered. All responses will be held in confidence.

Pre-Qualification Questions:

  1. Do you have extensive knowledge of FRP service and repairs?
  2. Do you have extensive knowledge of Protective Concrete Coatings, including the prep and application process?
  3. Do you have a good sense of safety awareness required while working in chemical plants?
  4. Do you have current Safety Council certifications?
  5. Do you have a TWIC Card?
  6. Do you have Secondary Bonder’s certification?
  7. Do you have versatility working with different types of resin systems?
  8. If yes on question 7, what types of resins and cure systems have you worked with?
  9. Have you ever worked with Thermoplastic materials in conjunction with FRP?
  10. If yes to question 9, what types of Thermoplastic systems have you worked with?
  11. Do you have the ability to read isometric and plan drawings relating to FRP and Dual Laminate equipment?