Wet Scrubbers

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Enduro offers a complete line of packed-bed wet scrubbers (chemical scrubbers) to effectively treat hydrogen sulfide or ammonia. Our OdorClean™ wet scrubbers can be configured as required to meet your specific treatment objectives including vertical, horizontal, reduced height, or multi-stage designs. Each wet scrubber design utilizes time-tested technology to meet your expected performance. All incorporate random-dump high efficiency packing.

Wet scrubbers utilize the contact with an odorous air stream with a counter-current water stream. The odors are “scrubbed” from the air and transferred into the liquid phase. The water stream contains chemicals to help enhance the removal performance. The typical compounds removed by wet scrubbers are hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. The technology is typically used for medium to high air flow rates and medium to high concentrations of odors.

To learn more about our wet scrubber options, please contact us or download the Enduro OdorClean™ Odor Control Systems Catalog for additional information.

Wet Scrubber Uses

    • Municipal wastewater applications
    • Treatment of ammonia
    • Removal of H2S and other odorous compounds

Enduro OdorClean™ Wet Scrubber Features

    • Proven Designs
    • Reliable performance
    • Corrosion-resistant construction
    • High removal efficiency
    • Simple & effective

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