Biofilter Systems

biofilter systems

The Enduro OdorClean™ series offers a wide variety of biofilter systems (biological filters) to fit your specific odor control need. Our biofilter systems offer a high level of performance with very low operating costs. We believe each project has specific criteria and limitations which must be taken into consideration to choose the most effective and efficient biofilter system. Capital cost, operational costs, maintenance requirements, performance ex­pectations, available footprint, and many other factors are considered when designing a system. Enduro OdorClean™ biofilters can be designed as packaged, modular systems, or designed around in-ground concrete basins.

To learn more about our biofilter systems, please contact us or download the Enduro OdorClean™ Odor Control Systems Catalog for additional information.

Biofilter System Uses:

    • Odor control and treatment
    • Removal of hydrogen sulfide
    • Removal of other odorous compounds

Enduro OdorClean™ Biofilter System Features:

    • Proven reliability
    • High removal efficiency
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • Very low O&M costs
    • No chemicals or consumables
    • Long life media
    • Several design system options: packaged, modular, or in-ground basins systems

Enduro OdorClean™ Biofilter System Resources