Fiberglass Tank Covers

fiberglass tank covers

Enduro tank covers are specifically designed for water and wastewater treatment facilities. The fiberglass tank covers are constructed with high-strength, corrosion resistant, and lightweight FRP components providing long-term service and designed for easy installation.

To learn more about our wastewater tank cover systems, please contact us or download the Enduro FRP Water & Wastewater Systems Catalog.

To address a broad range of process, size and functional requirements, Enduro offers three fiberglass tank cover systems, each with specific benefits and advantages.

xl6 tank cover XL6™ Fiberglass Tank Cover System
Designed with the needs of plant operators and installing contractors in
mind, the benefits of the XL6 tank cover system include effective odor
control, easy-to-remove sections, long-span deck panels offering foot
traffic safety, plus low profile advantage.
suregrip tank cover SureGrip™ Fiberglass Tank Cover
Enduro SureGrip tank cover systems are ideal for channels, odd-shaped
basins, or covers with numerous penetrations.
tank cover Tuff Span™ Walk-in Fiberglass Tank Cover
Constructed with Tuff Span FRP building panels and FRP structural
components, Tuff Span tank covers provide versatile configurations
including low-profile, roof-type covers or raised, building-type covers.

Fiberglass Wastewater Tank Cover Uses

    • Odor Control
    • Water Protection
    • Process Protection
    • UV Screen & Algae Barrier
    • Splash Control
    • Freeze & Thermal Barrier
    • VOC Emission Control
    • Improved Aesthetics

Enduro Fiberglass Wastewater Tank Cover Benefits

    • Corrosion resistant
    • High strength
    • Removable panels
    • Easy installation and access
    • High strength FRP
    • Life cycle cost savings
    • Compression sealed
    • Long, maintenance-free life
    • Customizable

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