Fiberglass Launder Covers

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Enduro Launder Covers are engineered to prevent algae growth and act as a weather and debris barrier for the launder. Reducing maintenance and improving operations, the covers also contain odor and gas emissions associated with water and wastewater treatment operations.

Enduro Launder Covers consist of multiple, high strength sections fabricated to the contour of the clarifier or tank. Each section extends from the tank wall inward over the launder, weir and scum baffle. Long service life for the covers is ensured by use of FRP components with superior corrosion resistance and strength.

Fiberglass launder covers from Enduro Composites are custom designed for both round and rectangular tanks and provide important value for water and wastewater operations:

  • Algae prevention
  • Odor and vapor containment
  • Safe, reliable support for operators
  • Non-skid walking surface
  • Hinged access hatches for inspections and maintenance
  • Long, reliable service