New FM Approved Cladding Panels

Enduro Composites is pleased to announce its new FM Approved, Tuff Span Vinyl Ester cladding panels. Users and plant personnel will love the value these new, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) roofing and siding panels deliver.

Plant personnel recognize the superior corrosion resistance and value of vinyl ester over polyester materials. The accomplishments with these new products is the obtaining of FM approval and development of comparable UV protection to our polyester panels and superior to other FPR panels. These accomplishments are the result of years of joint research and collaboration with raw material suppliers.

Like other Tuff Span FRP panels, the materials have high content of glass fiber reinforcements strategically placed in straight and continuous, bidirectional alignment. The Vinyl Ester panels offer better strength, stiffness, and retention of structural properties at elevated temperatures. With its new Vinyl Ester panels, Enduro Composites has further separated itself from alternative materials.

Download our Data Sheet with all the details.

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