Enduro Vesca Plastics received ASME RTP-1 certification on tank products August 29,2018. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) established the RTP-1 standards for fiberglass reinforced polymer vessels in 1989. The certification is one of the most rigorous to obtain and hold as a FRP fabricator. The established rules for RTP-1 certification are for construction materials, vessel design, fabrication details and quality assurance. Enduro Vesca Plastic is now ASME RTP-1 and ISO 9001 certified.

Since 1954, Enduro Vesca Plastics, based in Houston, TX, manufactures tank and pipe solutions for use in harsh, corrosive industrial applications. In addition to process equipment product solutions, Enduro Field Services provides services to install, maintain and repair nonmetallic FRP process equipment.

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